How to Get Re-Mask that fits Me?

Please measure your nose to chin and follow below guideline.


What does Re-Mask do for me?

 Re-Mask Protects you from PM 2.5 pollutions, allergies, viruses and bacterias in style. 


What is Shield Filtering Technology?

Shield Filtering Technology is a patent pending air filtering technology from Re-Mask. It allows our masks to score 99.9% on Bacterial & Viral Filtration Efficiency (BFE/VFE) tests from Nelson Labs.



How Long Does my Re-Mask Last?

Re-Mask itself can last for a very long time if you care it properly. After every usage, you should hand wash it separately and air dry. Avoid machine washing and drying.

Re-Mask Shield Filter can last 1 weeks on regular urban usage, however, if you are going to medical areas that might have high risks patients, we recommend you to change more frequently. 

DO NOT CLEAN THE FILTER. Please dispose it if it gets wet!


How Long will my shipment arrives?

Depends on your locations, Re-Mask will send the next day upon order confirmation. It should arrives within 1 week in most of the major cities. You can email us at hello@re-mask.com if you want to double check your location's shipping time. 

Re-Mask are shipping from our warehouse in Hong Kong & Singapore.

Do you take corporation customization order?
Yes we do. Please email hello@re-mask.com for more details. 


Is distribution opportunity available?

Please email hello@re-mask.com for more details. 




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