Re-Mask is created to build simple, good looking mask that is protective to our users.

What happened was pretty simple as well. During the COVID 19 outbreak at the beginning of 2020, surgical masks were largely unavailable, and shops priced it as much as 100 USD per box. We asked ourselves, what we can do to help?

Then, what we did was a quick renovation so we are ready  to make fabric masks, and on top, with our surgical masks partner's help, we are able to create a filter that works better than N-95 mask. 

I hope our simple product can be helpful to you, and protective to you and your family. Getting protection to yourself and your family should not be a challenge, it should be simple and straightforward - just like Re-Mask. 

An Illustration by our design team.Over the top? maybe. Accurate for sure.

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Change people's preception on masks by creating beautiful and functional reuseable mask.

More about us

Re-Mask is designed to tackle urban threats against human. 

our simple designs allow our users to change the usage based on their situation. For example, if they just want to avoid breathing in pollution, they can use it without the filter, which is good enough for regular pollution threats. We also create the filter that works so well to tackle against viruses and high risk situations. 

I hope you enjoy our products and do feel free to email us anything you need at hello@re-mask.com

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More About Re-Mask

Product features

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Nelsons Lab Certified

Our filter surpasses the standard of N99 surgical mask, with 99.9% VFE rate. 


100% Handmade

Every mask is hand made in our facility in Hong Kong. 


Good for Skin

We source our fabric carefully - to ensure our mask is safe for all ages of our users. 

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