Pollution: Re-Mask is designed to tackle PM 2.5 pollution. With particles of 2.5 micron are consider harmful to human body, and Re-Mask Shield filter can filter as little as 0.3 micron to ensure you are protected against these pollutions.


 Viruses and Bacteria: Re-Mask is built to protect you from viruses and bacteria. Our Shield Filter can effectively filter harmful viruses so you do not get sick. With the current spread of viruses, we recommend you to wear your Re-Mask in public transportation, flights and crowded areas. 


Allergies: Re-Mask can ensure you don't inhale allergic substances and as a proactive way to protect you against allergies. 


 Dusty Environment: If you need to work under intense dusty environment, Re-Mask can protect you from inhaling dusts and protect the health of your lung!

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