A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Re-Mask

Thanks for your interest in Re-Mask. To get the best experience with Re-Mask, it's essential to get a few choices right and below guide will help you on getting it right.

Getting The Right Size

Size: Re-Mask comes with 4 sizes, and it's essential for you to choose the right one for you.

Kid: 14.5 x 10 cm - Typically fit for 10 years old below. 
Small: 17 x 13 cm - Typcailly for ladies.
Medium: 18 x 15 cm - Typically for men.
Large: 19 x 15 cm - Typically for larger face person. 

To be 100% sure, please refer to our measurement chart to find out properly. 

Getting The Right Series

Re-Mask comes with Casual & Pro, which share the same logics of filtering technology, the Re-Mask Shield Technology. The key difference is Re-Mask Casual has changeable filter, while Re-Mask Pro itself is the filter. 

Re-Mask Casual basically fit for all civilians usage, while Pro's one way valve offers better exhalation, especially for outdoor and exercises.

Below is a comparison chart on how to choose the right mask for your goals. 

Re-Mask Protection

Re-Mask Shield Technology offers excellent protection against virtually all urban threats. Our Filter works excellent against PM2.5 pollutions, dusts, particles, viruses and bacteria. Qualified with VFE ((Viral Filtration Efficiency) test from Nelson Labs, Re-Mask Shield Technology can filter up to 99.9% viruses. 

Re-mask  antimicrobial coating on Re-Mask products is awarded with Queen's Award for it's excellent protection againsts bacteria growth. 

How To Care For Your Re-Mask

Re-Mask Casual & Pro Caring Video

Above video will help you to understand how to care for your Re-Mask!

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