LIMITED EDITION: Re-Mask x HandsOn Hong Kong Charity Campaign
LIMITED EDITION: Re-Mask x HandsOn Hong Kong Charity Campaign
LIMITED EDITION: Re-Mask x HandsOn Hong Kong Charity Campaign


LIMITED EDITION: Re-Mask x HandsOn Hong Kong Charity Campaign

$15.25 USD

IMPORTANT: This project is a non-profit campaign and all revenue minus product cost will be donated towards HandsOn Hong Kong (70% of proceeds will be donated).

This special package includes 1 LIMITED EDITION HandsOn Hong Kong Re-Mask, and one Re-Mask Shield filter. The Special Package option includes additional 4 filters package.

About HandsOn Hong Kong

As part of their mission to empower everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer, HandsOn Hong Kong develops service programs in partnership with 100+ local, under-served non-profit organizations and connects them with the volunteer manpower they need to achieve their own mission. Most recently, their programs have focused entirely on bringing emergency relief and support to Hong Kong's most vulnerable communities. 

HandsOn has run over 700 COVID-relief programs on their public-service calendar since February. Their volunteers have made over 1,000 supportive phone calls to vulnerable elderly, helped their charity to direct tens of thousands of food and hygiene items to local charities, supported the refurbishment of 500 computers for disadvantaged families and will help to deliver more than 3,000 relief packages to low-income households by the end of the summer.


FAQ of Re-Mask Casual

1. How does it work?

Re-Mask Casual is a technical reuseable mask that consists 2 layers of technical fabric.

The outer fabric is water resistant, so you are well protected against any droplets that are ejected from sneezing or coughing. 


Re-Mask Casual is designed to be used with a Re-Mask Filter, which provides VFE 99.9% protection against bacterias and viruses. The filter is recommended for use in hospital settings or high-risk areas.

Filters should be replaced after 90 hours of usage and cannot be washed. 


2. What is included in an order?

The package is included one Re-Mask Casual & one Re-Mask Filter. You can also add on a package of Re-Mask Filters that includes 4 pieces, offering protection for 1-month of usage.


3. How long will my order take?

Your package will be sent within 7 - 10 days from ordering. 





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